Welcome to Preschool

        Babies - Kindergarten

Ministry Leaders

Brenda Smiley

Preschool Director

Chrissie Schlumbohm

Preschool Assistant

Preschoolers ages Birth through Three year olds are cared for during the worship service time at 10:45 AM.

Four year olds through Kindergarten have their own worship service with Bible stories, songs, games and activities.

Four and Five year olds
Preschool Worship - Room E 101
Preschool Worship - Room E 107

Sunday Morning Classes - 9:15 AM

Babies (Birth - Crawling) Room E 115

Creepers (Crawling - Walking) Room E 114

Younger Crawlers (12 - 18 months) Room E 113

Older Crawlers (18 - 24 months) Room E 112

Younger 2's (2 - 2 1/2 years) Room E 111

Older 2's (2 1/2 - 3 years) Room E 110

Younger 3's (3 - 3 1/2 years) Room E 109

Older 3's (3 1/2 - 4 years) Room E 108

Younger 4's (4 - 4 1/2 years) Room E 105

Older 4's (4 1/2 - 5 years) Room E 102

Kindergarten Room E 104

Our Christian teachers are here to love and care for your Preschoolers as they teach Bible truths to them.

We are teaching Preschoolers to:

1. Associate God, Jesus and the Bible with happy feelings.
2. To make progress in solving problems, sharing and expressing themselves.
3. To know that the Bible is a special book that tells about God and Jesus.
4. To think of church as a place of love and security.

These are taught through the use of art, blocks, books, music, home living, nature and puzzles and through the nurturing love of our teachers and volunteers.

Security System and Visual Pagers

For the safety of your preschoolers, any adult who brings a child to the nursery will be asked to follow these guidelines:

1.  As you deliver your child to his/her room, please knock on the door and wait outside the room for a teacher to receive your child.
2.  As your child is signed in, you will be given a numbered card.
3.  An armband with the child's name and the same number will be secured to your child's wrist or ankle.
4.  Upon returning to pick up your child, please knock on the door and give your numbered card to the teacher. Wait outside the room for the teacher to bring your child and his/her belongs to you.
5.  If you do not have a numbered card, you will be asked to see the Session Captain or the Preschool Director before your child will be released to you.
6. If you are needed during the worship service time, your child's number will appear on the digital read out located at the front of the Worship Center.  You will need to go to your child's classroom at that time.

Worship Care Volunteers

We ask our volunteers to give 1 out of 6 weeks to help care for our babies through 3 year olds during the 10:45 AM Worship service.

To be considered for for this opportunity, please email our Preschool director.